ECOBA – ORGANIC RICE brand - is initiated with the goal and the desire to bring consumers the best, environmentally friendly products without the use of chemicals to cultivate.

“ECOBA,” - mean ECO BALANCE - known for its delicious taste and international quality, has grown its footprint beyond Vietnam market, to more demanding markets such as Europe, America, and Middle East.

With great passion, experience in the rice field production, advanced technology and modern production lines, Lotus Rice has created “ECOBA” brand with 100% verified organic rice by USDA, JAS and EUROPE.

Benefit of ECOBA rice

The product does not contain chemicals

Many nutrients for health


Excellent taste

Good for the environment

ECOBA - Organic Jasmine Rice

Grown without agricultural chemicals and not exposed to artificial ingredients, this organic product is a natural way to serve as protein-rich food, it’s not only free of herbicides and pesticide residues, but it is also non-GMO.

Jasmine rice is milled rice that has its husk, bran, and germ removed.

ECOBA - Organic Japonica rice

Japonica rice Low Fat, Saturated Fat Free, Source of Fibre, Sugar Free, Salt Free.

Japonica is super premium short grain rice, which is characterized by its unique stickiness, tender texture, sweet flavor and natural aroma

ECOBA - Organic Red rice

A good source of fiber, vitamin b1, b2, iron and calcium. Red rice are also anti-oxidants, and can lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and obesity. In fact, this rice is well prescribed for people that are on a diet or trying to lose weight.

Red Rice is whole grain and some may look like orange instead of red. It also has a nutty flavour.

ECOBA - Organic Brown rice

Low Fat, Saturated Fat Free, Source of Fibre, Sugar Free, Salt Free.

Brown rice is whole grained and comes with light to dark brown color.

ECOBA - Organic Black rice

Black Rice Contains amino acids, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B1 and B2. It is also a good Anti-Oxidant.

Black Rice has deep black color that turns deep purple when cooked and a nutty flavour

ECOBA Product

Organic produce


Grown with natural fertilizers (manure, compost).


Weeds are controlled naturally (crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching, and tilling).


Pests are controlled using natural methods (birds, insects, traps) and naturally-derived pesticides.

Non organic produce


Grown with synthetic or chemical fertilizers.


Weeds are controlled with chemical herbicides.


Pests are controlled with synthetic pesticides

Farm - Processing

Lotus Organic Center

Functionality and task of the lotus center

Scientific research and Technology development: In the field of microorganism in organic agriculture; bio pesticides; Food and foodstuff crops; seeds selection and seed multiplication; Plant protection; Storage and processing of agricultural products.

Production-Experiment-Business-Manufacturing Business: Products from research results in registered domain.

Science & Technology services: Technology transfer consultancy (Support for technology option by partners; Negotiation and sign S&T service contracts; Fostering expertise in the field of registration.

Domestic and international cooperation.


The quality of Lotus Rice products is guaranteed by international quality certificates such as USDA These Certified has been accept almost country in the world.